Step 2: Identify Eligible Sites

To identify eligible sites:

  1. Use the Health Workforce Connector (HWC)
  2. Explore other resources for finding eligible sites
  3. Review HWC search tips and guidance

To identify eligible sites that meet your service commitment:

  • Use the Health Workforce Connector, the primary tool for searching for NHSC sites.

    The Health Workforce Connector lists NHSC sites. Each site record contains details on the site Point of Contact (POC), site status (active or inactive), Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) scores, and job opportunities.

  • Make sure that the sites you view have a site status of NHSC Active Site.
    • All NHSC-approved sites are labeled as NHSC Active.
  • Site Status can be found under the site details tab:
  • Only site records marked as an "NHSC Active Site" are eligible.
  • Nurse Corp Active, STAR Active or Pediatric Specialty Active sites are separate programs and are not eligible for NHSC Scholar/S2S participants.
  • Confirm the site’s HPSA score to ensure it meets your HPSA Score Requirement for discipline and class year.
  • Contact the POC directly to learn about all available opportunities (not all sites use the HWC to post opportunities).
  • Set up a searchable profile so hiring sites can find you.

NHSC Active Site + HPSA Score Requirement = ELIGIBLE SITE.

  • Explore other job search engines, organization websites, and any resources that will help you identify a potential employer.
    • Refer to the HWC to ensure the site is NHSC-active and meets the HPSA requirement for your discipline and class year.
  • Attend a Virtual Job Fair.
  • Start networking—follow NHSC on LinkedIn or any other organizations where you would like to work.

Tips for using the Health Workforce Connector

  • Refer to How to Use the Health Workforce Connector to Find Jobs and Training.
  • Search by Zip code, HPSA score, and an additional filter "Show Sites" to maximize your search results. Use these values in the Advanced Search:
    • Keyword: Leave blank.
    • Location: Enter the state or ZIP code for the location where you would like to work.
    • HPSA Scores: Select your minimum HPSA score for your discipline.
    • Additional Filters: Select "Show Sites."
      Focus on the list of sites as opposed to the lists that include opportunities, as sites may not post all opportunities on the HWC.
      Additional Filters selection with the third option, "Show Sites", selected.
  • Contact the site POC directly to learn about all available opportunities.

Questions about identifying employers

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