Step 4: Accept a Job Offer

To accept the job offer, you must:

  1. Obtain NHSC site approval.
  2. Upload employment placement documents.
  3. Notify NHSC that you accepted a job offer.
  4. Submit a relocation request for reimbursement (if applicable).
  5. Notify NHSC when you began employment.

Obtain NHSC site approval

NHSC verifies site eligibility and renders a site approval or denial decision within three days after you submit an interview travel request. Check your BHW Customer Service Portal messages to ensure your site is approved.

Upload required employment placement documents

This table lists all required employment placement documents and the required details you must provide for approval and upload in the Site Search section of the BHW Customer Service Portal.

Document Type Details
Professional Exams/Board Scores
  • Physicians: USMLE or COMLEX Part III scores
  • Dentists: Integrated National Dental Board Examination or National Dental Board Exam Part II
  • Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, or Nurse-Midwives: Discipline-specific and, if applicable, a specialty-specific National Certification Exam

Unrestricted license in state you are practicing in

- OR -

Licensure from any state for federal sites (i.e., Indian Health Services, federal prison, Immigration & Customs.)

Offer Letter

Must include:

  • Official letter on employer’s (site’s) letterhead.
  • Written confirmation of full-time or half-time employment.
  • Discipline, specialty, and hours you will work per week.
  • Site representative’s contact, title, and signature. 
  • Site Information: Name, address, city, state (if multiple sites, include information for each site and number of hours you will work per week).
  • Anticipated start date.
  • Malpractice insurance and tail coverage confirmation. Note responsible party (site or clinician).
  • OR use the fillable Offer and & Acceptance Employment Form (PDF - 359 KB) – Accepted as both offer and acceptance letter.

Signed Offer Acceptance Letter

Sign and date your job offer letter.

Note: The fillable Offer & Acceptance Employment Form (PDF - 359 KB) is also located in the Site Search section of the portal.

In the BHW Customer Service Portal, under Activities, select Site Search and upload all required materials into the Documents section.


Notify NHSC when you accept a job offer

  • To submit the notification in the BHW Portal, under Activities, select the Question (ID#) assigned for employment correspondence. 

  • You may send this notification without having licensure as state delays are common.
  • NHSC will confirm receipt of your job offer notification and the status of your employment placement documents.

Submit a relocation request for reimbursement (if applicable) at least 21 business days in advance

  1. Review relocation process rules, since NHSC assists with relocation costs.
  2. In the BHW Customer Service Portal, under I Need To, select Request Scholar Travel or Relocation. 

  3. Choose a relocation option: Government-Managed option or Self-move.
  4. Within three business days, you will receive a notification in BHW Customer Service Portal whether your request is approved or denied.
  5. If your request is approved, a travel coordinator from Civility Management Solutions (CivilityMS), the NHSC federal travel contractor, will contact you directly to assist and help you complete arrangements for your relocation. They are your main resource for travel and reimbursement questions.
  6. Confirm your email address and phone number in the BHW Customer Service Portal is correct so CivilityMS can contact you.


Do not relocate without prior approval from NHSC. If you do not have prior approval from NHSC, your expenses will not be reimbursed.

Notify NHSC that you began employment

  • Send a message in the BHW Customer Service Portal using the Question (ID#) to notify NHSC that you began employment on your start date. Your first day of employment begins your service obligation.

This message alerts NHSC to begin the administrative process to convert you to ACTIVE-ON Duty status, which means you began working towards your service obligation. NHSC will notify you through the BHW Customer Service Portal when this process is complete.

During your service obligation: If you have questions or need assistance:

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