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Auto-Approved NHSC Sites

Select site types are eligible for National Health Service Corps (NHSC) auto-approval.

How Do I Determine if My Site Is Eligible?

Your site is eligible to become an auto-approved NHSC site if it is one of these types:

How Do I Become an Auto-approved NHSC Site?

Eligible auto-approved NHSC sites must apply to the NHSC by taking the following steps: 

  1. Log into the BHW Customer Service Portal
  2. If the site is already listed under “My Sites,” click on the site name, and then click “Start a NHSC Site App.”
    • If the site is NOT already listed under “My Sites,” click “Create New Site” on the left-hand sidebar. Once the site is created, click “Start a NHSC Site App.”
  3. Complete the Site Application. Refer to the Submitting the NHSC Online Site Application section of the Site Reference Guide (PDF - 991 KB) for more information about completing applicable areas of the online application. 
  4. Review and sign the NHSC Site Agreement.
  5. Submit the Site Application for review and approval. 

Eligible auto-approved NHSC sites may submit an application to the NHSC at any point in the year and are not required to submit an application during the NHSC Site Application cycles, nor are they required to submit a Recertification Application every three years.

What documents should I upload to the application?

Eligible auto-approved NHSC sites must submit certain documents depending on site type. For a list of all applicable required documents, refer to the Required NHSC Supporting Documents section and the NHSC Site Agreement found in the NHSC Site Reference Guide (PDF - 991 KB).

What about organizations with multiple sites?

If an eligible auto-approved NHSC site has multiple eligible sites located in HPSAs, the NHSC must approve each site individually. NHSC auto-approval is not guaranteed, and sites seeking auto-approval of a site location must submit an NHSC Site Application in order to receive a final determination of their eligibility as an auto-approved site. 

In general, sites must meet all applicable requirements listed in the NHSC Site Agreement to be qualified to participate as an NHSC-approved site. Requirements that are not applicable to auto-approved NHSC sites are noted in the NHSC Site Agreement.

How Do I Maintain Status as an Auto-approved NHSC Site?

Certification of auto-approved NHSC sites does not generally expire. However, you can lose your active status if your site:

  • No longer resides in a Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) or loses its facility HPSA.
  • No longer meets all NHSC requirements.
  • Is found to be noncompliant with NHSC program requirements.
  • No longer meets eligibility requirements for auto-approval status, (e.g., loses Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC) grant).

Why Does NHSC Perform Site Visits?

NHSC site visits allow us to:

  • Identify at-risk sites.
  • Address technical assistance needs that will promote sustainability
  • Increase NHSC program compliance.
  • Improve understanding and compliance with NHSC clinical service requirements.

Who performs site visits?

The Bureau of Health Workforce (BHW)’s Division of Regional Operations (DRO) conducts site visits in coordination with the state primary care office (PCO).

When should I expect a visit to my site?

You should expect periodic site visits while participating in the NHSC program. We do this to make sure you continue to meet NHSC site requirements.

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