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Regional Operations' State Contacts

Contact us about National Health Service Corps (NHSC) site applications, site visits, and loan repayment recipients. NHSC scholars and S2S LRP recipients will communicate with DRO regional analysts through their BHW Customer Service Portal account for assistance with job search, site search and site selection.

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Region 1: Boston

Connecticut: Email Leon Latino

Maine: Email Heather Stevens

Massachusetts: Email Karen Guarin

New Hampshire: Email Heather Stevens

Rhode Island: Email Karen Guarin

Vermont: Email Leon Latino

Region 2: New York

New Jersey: Email Juana Rodriguez

New York: Email Aqeel Dix or Email LCDR Jaime Altman or Email Toni Williams-Sims

Puerto Rico: Email Juana Rodriguez

US Virgin Islands: Email Toni Williams-Sims

Region 3: Philadelphia

Delaware: Email Carolyn Ballard Freeman

Maryland: Email Dickie Lynn Gronseth

Pennsylvania: Email Carolyn Ballard Freeman 

Virginia: Email Karina Linares

Washington, D.C.: Email Dickie Lynn Gronseth

West Virginia: Email Dina Stahl

Region 4: Atlanta

Alabama: Email CDR Andrea Smith

Florida: Email Lisa Gilmore

Georgia: Email Sharee Ashford 

Kentucky: Email Janice Cook

Mississippi: Email CDR Andrea Smith

North Carolina: Email Monica Harrington

South Carolina: Email Jacqueline Taylor

Tennessee: Email Angela Sheffie

Region 5: Chicago

Illinois: Email Amir Izadi

Indiana: Email Celida Egues

Michigan: Email Pam Williams

Minnesota: Email Michelle Stewart

Ohio: Email Ewelina Rzeznik

Wisconsin: Email Maria Pestalardo

Region 6: Dallas

Arkansas: Email LCDR Rochelle Hampton

Louisiana: Email LCDR Rochelle Hampton

New Mexico: Email Joey Carter

Oklahoma: Email Joey Carter

Texas: Email CAPT Tracy Gualandi

Region 7: Kansas City

Iowa: Email Tina Arthur

Kansas: Email LCDR Jennifer Perry

Missouri: Email Kelly Duke or Email LCDR Clinton Merkel

Nebraska: Email LCDR Jennifer Perry

Region 8: Denver

Colorado: Email Ashante Butcher

Montana: Email Tina Arthur

North Dakota: Email Ashante Butcher

South Dakota: Email Alicia Souvignier

Utah: Email Alicia Souvignier

Wyoming: Email Susan Anthony

Region 9: San Francisco

Arizona: Email LT Christina Lee

California: Email Lauren Pinckney or Email Jaime Lopez or Email Tamikia Lott

Hawaii: Email CDR Darren Orgel

Nevada: Email CDR Darren Orgel

Pacific Territories (American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau): Email CDR Darren Orgel

Region 10: Seattle

Alaska: Email Maria Garcia

Idaho: Email Maria Garcia

Oregon: Email Leon Latino

Washington: Email Khang Ngo

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