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Current NHSC Sites

Apply for Recertification

Visit Apply for Recertification to:

  • Learn how to meet all requirements to submit your required site recertification application every three years.

Maintain NHSC Site Status

Visit Maintain NHSC Site Status to:

  • Understand how to meet site requirements.
  • Learn about supporting NHSC clinicians working at your site.

Prepare for an NHSC Site Visit

Visit Prepare for an NHSC Site Visit to:

  • Discover why we conduct NHSC site visits.
  • Learn what you must provide us prior, or during, the visit.

Recruit, Retain & Hire Clinicians

Visit Recruit, Retain & Hire Clinicians to:

  • Learn to use your status as an NHSC site to recruit and retain clinicians.
  • See how you can hire clinicians who fit your community and site.
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