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How to Prepare for an NHSC Site Visit

National Health Service Corps (NHSC) site visits strengthen relationships between our program personnel, your site, and the NHSC clinicians working at your site.

What should you do prior to the site visit?

  • With a few exceptions, the site should expect to be contacted by our Division of Regional Operations (DRO) at least two weeks in advance.
  • The site is expected to submit the required NHSC documents in advance of the NHSC site visit. 

What should you expect during a site visit?

We evaluate your site’s understanding and implementation of all the requirements we lay out in the NHSC Site Agreement (PDF - 291 KB) and Site Reference Guide (PDF - 808 KB).

During a visit, the DRO staff will answer your questions and ensure compliance so your site remains an NHSC-approved site.

Our priority is to meet with NHSC clinicians, either individually or in a group to:

  • Assure they are meeting NHSC requirements; and
  • Evaluate how the site supports their retention at the site.

How often do we conduct site visits?

You should expect periodic site visits as long as you maintain status as an NHSC-approved site.

We may visit certain types of sites as part of the Site Application review.

Also, we may schedule a site visit before approving a site. This applies to any NHSC-eligible site type.

Why do we conduct site visits?

Along with an evaluation of the site’s understanding and implementation of the NHSC site and NHSC participant requirements, the site visit also provides the following:

  • A setting where DRO staff and State PCO staff can provide site-specific technical assistance on NHSC program requirements;
  • An opportunity for DRO staff to share NHSC recruitment and retention resources available to NHSC sites; and
  • A venue where DRO staff can meet with NHSC clinicians to assess any technical assistance needs and receive feedback about the clinicians’ participation in the NHSC program.

Who conducts site visits?

BHW’s Division of Regional Operations (DRO) performs site visits in coordination with your site and your state’s Primary Care Office.

We send you notifications for most visits through the BHW Customer Service Portal.

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