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State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)

The State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) provides grant funding for states and territories. They can then develop their own loan repayment initiatives that work for their residents. The program supports primary medical, mental and behavioral health, and dental clinicians. These providers receive awards through SLRP-funded programs and agree to work in areas with provider shortages. In exchange for their service, the clinicians receive relief from their student debt.

Application Requirements

Visit Application Requirements to:

  • Determine whether your state is eligible.
  • Learn how to apply for the program.

Manage Your SLRP Grant

Visit Manage Your SLRP Grant to:

  • Learn about the requirements your state/territory must follow.
  • Learn how to comply with the SLRP grant.

Clinicians' Application Requirements

Visit Clinicians' Application Requirements to:

  • Determine whether a clinician is eligible.
  • Learn the application requirements for SLRP loan repayment.

Clinician Service Requirements

Visit Clinician Service Requirements to:

  • Learn about terms and conditions that SLRP-awarded clinicians must meet.
  • Find out where clinicians must complete their service.
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