Step 3: Interview with Eligible Employers

To interview with eligible employers, you must submit a formal travel request for all interviews into the BHW Customer Service Portal.

Interview Process and Requirements

  • You must submit a formal request (called a travel request) using the BHW Customer Service Portal, at least 14 business days prior to all interviews

All interviews include interviews conducted locally, virtually, and in-person.

  • After your request is received, NHSC will:
    • Verify site eligibility for site approval or denial.
      • Note: You must obtain NHSC site approval prior to accepting a job offer.
      • If your request is denied, you must continue to search for eligible employment.
    • Lock in the site’s HPSAs score for six months. You must accept and receive a job offer within this timeframe.
      • If the employment start date extends beyond six months, a new request must be submitted.
    • Verify eligibility for site travel and visit reimbursement (if applicable).
  • Submit last-minute interviews ASAP! There is no guarantee of reimbursement for last minute interview travel requests.
  • All interview travel requests must be submitted prior to travel. If there is no prior approval, expenses will not be reimbursed.

Travel Request Instructions for All Interviews (local, virtual, in-person)

  • Log in to the BHW Customer Service Portal, Under I Need To, select Request Scholar Travel or Relocation. 

  • Note: The BHW Customer Service Portal will not allow you to submit an interview request for a site that does not meet your HPSA requirement.
  • Note: If a site is not listed in the HWC, it is not NHSC-approved. To be NHSC-approved, a site must initially apply for approval and recertify every three years to remain in the program.
  • Within three business days, you will receive a notification in BHW Customer Service Portal whether your request and site are approved or denied.
  • If your request is approved, a travel coordinator from Civility Management Solutions (CivilityMS), the NHSC federal travel contractor, will contact you directly to arrange interview travel and provide reimbursement guidance. They are your main resource for travel and reimbursement questions.
  • Confirm you have a valid email address and phone number listed in the BHW Customer Service Portal so CivilityMS can contact you.

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