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NHSC Loan Repayment Program

Licensed primary care clinicians in eligible disciplines can receive loan repayment assistance through the NHSC Loan Repayment Program (NHSC LRP).

In exchange for loan repayment, you must serve at least two years of service at an NHSC-approved site in a Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA).

Which loan repayment program fits me best?

Compare our NHSC loan repayment programs — then choose the right one for you.

Determine Your Eligibility

Do I qualify for the NHSC LRP?

Yes, you qualify if you are:

  • A United States citizen (U.S. born or naturalized) or the United States national;
  • A provider (or eligible to participate as a provider) in the Medicare, Medicaid, and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, as appropriate;
  • Fully trained and licensed to practice in the NHSC-eligible primary care medical, dental, or mental/behavioral health discipline and state in which you are applying to serve
  • A health professional in an eligible discipline with qualified student loan debt for education that led to your degree; and
  • Working at an NHSC-approved site.

Are military reservists eligible?

Yes. Find out about specific guidelines and requirements for military reservists.

Which disciplines and specialties are eligible?

Clinicians who provide patient care under the following disciplines and specialties are eligible to apply to the NHSC Loan Repayment Program.

How to Apply

We guide you through the application and award process:

Before You Apply

It takes three weeks to complete an application. That includes all required and supplemental documentation, and access to a credit report (failure/refusal to unfreeze a frozen credit report will deem your application ineligible).

  • Provide answers in your application that match your supporting documents. If they don't, we will reject your application.
  • You must submit a legible, complete online application by the application deadline.
  • Save each document as a PDF file before uploading to your application. Do not attempt to upload files larger than 5MB, or files saved as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, HEIC, and TXT.

What makes an application complete?

You must include:

  • Online application;
  • Required supporting documents; and
  • Additional supplemental documentation (if applicable).

Application Requirements

The following provides an overview of the application requirements. Refer to the application and program guidance for our complete set of requirements and instructions.

Print and keep a copy of your completed application package for your records.

After You Apply

You'll see a receipt of submission pop-up when you submit your online application.

How can I view my application and its status?

Log into the Bureau of Health Workforce (BHW) Customer Service Portal to view your application status. You can also download a copy of your application, supporting documents, and completed EVs.

Can I make edits after I submit my application?

Once you submit the online application, you may make edits, upload new documents, etc. You must make all final edits and resubmit your final, complete application by the application deadline.

Can I withdraw my application?

Yes, you may withdraw your application from consideration any time before the Secretary of Health & Human Services (HHS), or their designee, signs the contract. Please reference the Application and Program Guidance (PDF - 650 KB) for additional information.

How do you evaluate me?

We review applications after the application deadline.

We use selection factors and funding priorities to evaluate you and determine who receives awards.

Notifying Award Finalists

If you become an award finalist, we will email you and ask that you log into the BHW Customer Service Portal.

We will ask you to confirm:

  • Your continued interest in receiving an award.
  • The validity of the loan and employment information you provided us in your application.
  • That you have read and understand the LRP contract. (We ask you to e-sign this if you receive, and accept, an award.)

We ask you to provide:

Your direct deposit banking information. We use this for award funds if you receive an award.

Note: You must respond by the deadline we provide in the Confirmation of Interest email.

What if I don’t respond in time?

If you do not complete the Confirmation of Interest process by the deadline, we may withdraw your application from consideration.

If you still wish to participate in the program, you will need to submit a new application. You will need to do this during a future NHSC LRP application cycle for first-time participants. You will compete with other providers based on that cycle’s program requirements.

Who makes award determinations?

Only the Secretary of HHS or their designee can make an NHSC LRP award.

When will you notify me of an award?

You will receive final notification of an award, including your service obligation dates, no later than September 30.

Will you notify me if you don't select me for an award?

Yes. If we do not select you for an award, we will email you no later than September 30.

NHSC LRP Contract & Service Obligation

When does my service obligation take effect?

Your service obligation begins on the date that the HHS Secretary (or the Secretary’s designee) countersigns your contract.

Can I terminate my contract?

Review the Application and Program Guidance and your contract. Both provide detailed information on the timeline and requirements for NHSC LRP contract termination.

If you terminate, you must repay all funds you receive under the contract.

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