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Qualifying Educational Loans for Loan Repayment Programs

Not all educational loans qualify for loan repayment through our National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Loan Repayment Program (LRP) or Students to Service Loan Repayment Program (S2S LRP).

Qualifying Educational Loans

If you receive either the NHSC LRP or S2S LRP award, you should apply it to the principal, interest, and related expenses of outstanding government (federal, state, or local) and commercial (i.e., private) student loans.

You must have obtained these loans:

  • For undergraduate or graduate education tuition, other reasonable educational expenses, and reasonable living expenses.
  • Prior to the date you submit your online application.

Reminder: If you obtain additional educational loans toward another health professions degree that will result in a change in discipline, you will need to apply to the NHSC as a new participant in a subsequent application cycle and we will review your application competitively against other applicants.

Are consolidated or refinanced loans eligible?

We may consider consolidated or refinanced loans for repayment, as long as they are from a government (federal, state, or local) or private student loan lender and only include your qualifying educational loans.

For loans to remain eligible, you must keep your eligible educational loans separated from all other debts.

Non-qualifying Educational Loans

  • Loans for which you incurred a service obligation that you will not fulfill before the submission deadline of the NHSC LRP or S2S LRP application.
  • Loans for which the associated documentation cannot identify that the loan was solely applicable to your undergraduate or graduate education.
  • Loans not obtained from a government entity or private student loan lending institution.
    • Most loans made by private foundations to individuals are not eligible for repayment.
  • Loans that have been repaid in full.
  • Primary Care Loans
  • Parent PLUS Loans
  • Personal lines of credit
  • Loans subject to cancellation
  • Residency loans
  • Credit card debt

Documentation & Verification

You must provide documents that show your qualifying educational loans match the education you received. We will verify your loans by contacting lenders/holders and reviewing your credit report.

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