How Students to Service Members Finalize a Job Offer & Relocate

Once you secure a job at an NHSC-approved site, we help you if you need to relocate.

How to finalize your job offer

Negotiate the employment contract directly with the site. This should include benefits, scheduling, and malpractice insurance or tail coverage.

Next, submit the required documents to the Bureau of Health Workforce (BHW) Customer Service Portal.

What if I don’t need to relocate for my new position?

If you don’t need to relocate, upload your required documents to the Site Search section of your BHW Customer Service Portal account. If your DRO regional analyst has questions, they will contact you via the BHW Customer Service Portal to request additional information so you can begin your service commitment.

What if I need to relocate for my new position?

If you do need to relocate, we can assist you.

How to plan your relocation

NHSC helps with relocation costs. We work with Civility Management Solutions (CivilityMS). They specialize in federal travel and relocation logistics.

A CivilityMS travel and relocation coordinator will assist you and help complete arrangements for your relocation.

What are our relocation rules?

  1. If you live within 50 miles of your new job location or new residence, you aren’t eligible for relocation assistance or reimbursement.
  2. Relocation support covers your move from one residence to your new residence for your initial new position only. It doesn't cover additional transfers or moves.
  3. You must relocate within six months of your start date.
  4. We offer two relocation options—government-managed and self-move.

How do I begin the relocation process?

Sign into the BHW Customer Service Portal to begin the process. Upload the required documents to the “Site Search” section.

What documents do we require?

What should I do next?

  1. Submit a relocation request.
  2. Find the request form in the “I NEED TO…” section of the BHW Customer Service Portal.
  3. After approval, a CivilityMS travel and relocation coordinator will contact you. They'll schedule an appointment with you to plan your move.
  4. Confirm you have a valid email address and phone number in the BHW Customer Service Portal so CivilityMS can contact you.

Choose a relocation option

You have two options for relocation assistance:

Advance storage

  • You must submit your storage requests in advance. Select the “Advance Storage” option via the BHW Customer Service Portal.
    • If you relocate under the Government-Managed Option: you may use a secure storage facility or a self-storage locker.
    • If you relocate under the Self-Move Option: you may only use a self-storage locker.
    • If advance storage is required, it must be at the place of origin.
  • The CivilityMS coordinator can give you pros and cons of both storage options.

How we help with relocation expenses

You will relocate: Allowable relocation expenses:
Within the contiguous United States (U.S.) Up to $10,000 per household
Outside the contiguous U.S. Up to $25,000 per household

Note: If you currently live with, and plan to relocate to the same residence with, another NHSC Student to Service member in the same class: you will only receive $10,000 (or $25,000 if moving outside the contiguous U.S.) per household.

How do I receive the reimbursement?

You must coordinate with the CivilityMS coordinator and submit an expense report for reimbursement within three months of relocation. Any unused funds will no longer be available to you.

What relocation expenses do we allow?

  • Travel to your new location
    • You and your family don’t have to relocate at the same time.
    • But—everyone must relocate within six months of your employment start date.
    • Discuss travel options with your CivilityMS coordinator.
  • Pets
    Household pets (e.g. cats, dogs) must travel with, and at the same time, as you or your family member(s).
  • Household goods
    Furniture, clothing, etc. moved one time only from your current residence to your new residence.
  • Travel by one privately owned vehicle
    Mileage reimbursement at the prevailing government rate for the most direct route.
  • Lodging
    For you and your family members, plus meals and incidental expenses. We base this on traveling a minimum of 300 miles per day.
  • Vehicle Shipping
    Available to those relocating to the non-contiguous U.S (i.e. Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories). You may only ship one vehicle.

What relocation expenses don't we allow?

  • Shipping, towing, or hauling vehicles—unless you relocate to the non-contiguous U.S.
  • Vehicle storage
  • Multiple moves/transfers
  • Relocation expenses beyond three (3) months
  • Recreational vehicles (boats, trailers, campers, or motorcycles)
  • Move-related cleaning charges
  • Redecorating charges
  • Tips or gratuities for movers

How to begin your NHSC service commitment

You must begin your NHSC service within six months of completing your training.

If you don’t: We will:
Find a job before the deadline Assign you to an NHSC-approved site
Begin your job by the deadline Put you in breach of the NHSC S2S LRP contract

Your regional analyst will provide additional information about this process.

What we expect from you

Find out what we expect when you begin your NHSC service commitment.

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