How Students to Service Members Schedule & Receive Reimbursement for Job Interview Travel

With a few exceptions, the NHSC helps you schedule, and pay for, travel to job interviews.

You can receive a travel allotment up to $1,200. It covers transportation, hotel, meals, and incidentals.

You must travel to NHSC-approved sites that meet the HPSA score requirement.

In which cases am I responsible for costs?

We won’t reimburse you for any travel expenses within 50 miles of your current residence. You must pay any costs outside of the authorized travel allotment guidelines.

Can I receive additional help?

Some sites help with these travel-related expenses. Confirm with them before making travel plans.

Also, communicate with your Regional Analyst.

How travel logistics work

The NHSC works with Civility Management Solutions (CivilityMS). They specialize in federal travel and relocation logistics.

How long does it take to travel for an interview?

Typically, standard travel for an interview is three days and two nights.

If you interview at two or more sites in the same area, you may submit a request in advance for one or more additional days. We handle requests like these on a case-by-case basis.

What does CivilityMS arrange for me?

The CivilityMS travel and relocation coordinator arranges job interview travel. This includes:

  • A round-trip airline ticket
  • A hotel
  • Rental car expenses (if allowed)

Can I arrange my own travel?

Yes. If you choose to arrange your own travel, you will need to initially work with the CivilityMS travel and relocation coordinator. You can then submit a request for expense reimbursement upon your return.

Review the allowable expenses with a CivilityMS travel and relocation coordinator prior to traveling.

How to request travel approval and reimbursement

  1. Confirm with your Regional Analyst that the site(s) where you plan to interview are in good standing and meet the required HPSA score.

    If you want to work in Alaska, Hawaii, or any one of the U.S. territories, contact the regional supervisor to discuss additional requirements:

  2. Log in to the BHW Customer Service Portal.
    • Request approval for your interview at least 14 days in advance.
    • If a site notifies you about a last minute interview, submit your request as soon as possible.
    • Find the travel and relocation request link in the “I NEED TO…” section.

    Note: If you are interviewing with multiple sites during your travel, add all sites to the same interview request.

  3. Typically, we decide to approve or deny your request within three business days after we receive your information.
    • We confirm it through the BHW Customer Service Portal.
    • Send any changes to your request—after you submit it—to your Regional Analyst. You can also ask a question via the Portal.
  4. Upon approval, a CivilityMS Travel and Relocation Coordinator will contact you to schedule an appointment to discuss travel arrangements and guidelines.
  5. Within three months following your travel:
    • Submit your online expense report to the CivilityMS travel and relocation coordinator.
    • The coordinator usually processes reimbursements within 30–60 business days.

Note: Confirm you have a valid email address and phone number listed in the BHW Customer Service Portal so CivilityMS can contact you.

When will I receive my reimbursement?

We reimburse you after you submit the online expense report to your CivilityMS travel and relocation coordinator. You must include original receipts.

What we allow for family members

We consider a family member to be anyone relocating with you during your NHSC service.

Do you provide a travel allotment for family members?

Yes. We provide $1,200 for a family member to join you on one interview trip.

This covers the cost of transportation, meals, and incidentals, but not hotel costs.

We only reimburse family members for the standard three-day travel. This applies even if we approved you for extended interview travel.

Note: You can’t use the family member allotment for other Students to Service participants, even if they happen to be family members.

What rules apply to family member travel?

  • You must depart and return together when traveling.
  • You must stay in one hotel room.

How to travel with other students to service members

You may wish to travel with another member of your Students to Service class. If so, you must each use your own allotment to cover travel costs to interviews.

What to do if a site’s HPSA score changes

On rare occasions, a site’s HPSA score may decrease after you interview.

If you receive a job offer within six months of your interview—NHSC will honor a site’s original HPSA score. This is true even if the score decreases below your HPSA requirement.

  1. Confirm the site’s HPSA score with your Regional Analyst prior to the interview.
  2. Submit an official interview travel request via the BHW Customer Service Portal.
  3. After six months, you will no longer be eligible to work at that site. You will have to resume your job search.

Note: Submit a request for all job interviews. You must do this if you want to use the site's current HPSA score for up to six months after your interview.

We require the request:

  • Even if your interview is local or virtual; or
  • Whether or not you'll request travel funds

What to do next

You’ve secured a job at an NHSC-approved site. Now, learn how NHSC can help manage and reimburse your relocation expenses.

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