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Apply to Become an NHSC Site

Eligible health care facilities can apply to become National Health Service Corps (NHSC)-approved sites. NHSC-approved sites provide outpatient, comprehensive primary health care services to people in Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs). Contact your state or territorial primary care office, if you have questions about your HPSA designation.

What are the benefits of becoming an NHSC-approved site?

As an NHSC-approved site, we can assist you in recruiting, hiring, and retaining qualified clinicians.

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When do site application cycles open?

We open a new site application cycle yearly, typically in the spring.

The new site application cycle is for sites that:

  • Have never been NHSC-approved, including sites that have applied and had their application denied or canceled
  • Are currently inactive for NHSC due to expiration or past compliance issues

How long is the application cycle?

In a typical cycle, you have six to eight weeks to submit your site application.

What should I do before I apply?

What are the sections of the application?

The NHSC Site Application contains 11 sections. Contact your state or territorial primary care office (PCO) if you have questions.

Note: If your organization has multiple sites located in Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs), you must submit a separate application for each site.

Can I make edits to my application?

You can make edits before you submit your application. We encourage you to review your application with your state or territorial primary care office before you submit it to us. In doing so, you can edit, upload new documents, or even cancel your application.

What edits can I make after the application cycle closes?

If NHSC staff need additional information, they may return the application to you for revision. You must resubmit it within 30 calendar days, or the application will be deemed non-compliant.

What happens after I apply?

After you submit your application, we typically review it within six to eight weeks.

How do you determine whether to approve my site?

We base NHSC approval of your site on your site's ability to meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the NHSC Site Reference Guide (PDF - 643 KB) and NHSC Site Agreement (PDF - 291 KB), as evaluated by the primary care office and NHSC. NHSC makes the final decision on whether to approve your NHSC site application. We may disapprove your application if it does not meet NHSC site eligibility requirements, is incomplete, or contains illegible documents.

How will I find out if you approved my site?

We notify you through the BHW Customer Service Portal.

We will also send you information on how to post job positions on the Health Workforce Connector.

Does the approval period expire?

Yes, with the exception of eligible auto-approved NHSC sites.

If we approve your application, the approval period is valid for three years.

However, your site must remain in a HPSA and continue to meet the NHSC eligibility requirements and qualification factors throughout the approval period.

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