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Share Your Service

Share your experience serving a community in need. By doing this, you celebrate your commitment to providing care where it’s needed most.

Whether you’re a current NHSC member, alumni or an NHSC site, we want to hear about your contributions to your community.

How to Share Your Service

Send us your NHSC experience and an image and you could be spotlighted in an upcoming NHSC promotion/activity or one of our Member Stories.

Follow these three steps to share on social media:

  1. Share what your #NHSC service means to you via photo or video.
  2. Post your photo or 20-30 second video to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram using #ShareYourService.
  3. Tag the National Health Service Corps' Facebook page or @NHSCorps on Twitter

Set your posts to “public” so we can like, share, and highlight it throughout the year.

#ShareYourService today!

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