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How to Prepare for Clinical Practice

As an NHSC Students to Service Program (S2S LRP) clinician, you must do the following as you move to clinical practice.

How to start networking

Join health professional organizations to meet and connect with people in your field.

How to find opportunities

Work with different populations. This will help you decide where to work.

How to use the NHSC support network

  • State Primary Care Offices (State PCOs)

    State PCOs can help you:

    • Understand the health care needs and the barriers to primary healthcare in your state.
    • Connect to other primary healthcare providers and sites in your state. Use them to network and share best practices.
  • Area Health Education Centers (AHECs)

    AHECs can help you:

    • Partner with community and academic educational organizations.
    • Connect to educational opportunities and rotations for residents.
  • State Offices of Rural health (SORHs)

    SORHs can help you:

    • Find resources in rural areas.
    • Network with other rural providers.

How to learn about NHSC-approved sites

A wide range of NHSC-approved site types exist.

  • Read about life at different types of sites. Talk to providers who work there. Volunteer so you can choose a site that will fit your goals and needs.
  • Visit HPSA Find for a site’s Health Processional Shortage Area (HPSA) score.

How to find a job and type of workplace for you

Set up a profile on the Health Workforce Connector. Review current job openings.

Site Selection

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