Indian Health Service Resources

Since 2002, Indian Health Service Tribal and Urban Indian program (ITU) facilities have been automatically designated as Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs), also known as "Auto-HPSA." In 2016, 27 IHS and tribal hospitals were added to the list of Auto-HPSA sites.

Even with this automatic designation, Auto-HPSA sites are required to submit certain data to HRSA in order to receive a HPSA score. This score is only calculated or recalculated at the request of the site. 

HPSA scores range from:

  • 0-25 for primary care
  • 0-25 for mental health, and
  • 0-26 for dental. 

Higher scores indicate greater need. Since National Health Service Corps (NHSC) resources for providers are targeted based on highest need, your HPSA score can substantially assist with the recruitment of providers to tribal sites.

To submit your Auto-HPSA data, review the following resources and fill out the Indian Health Service Scoring Form (PDF - 98 KB).
After completing the form, please press the Send button at the bottom of the form to forward the information to HRSA.

Auto-HPSA: Designation and Scoring for Indian Health Program Sites (PDF – 686 KB)

HPSA Scoring Instructions and Transmittal (PDF – 337 KB)