NHSC Loan Repayment Program


  • The 2018 application cycle is now closed. The next Loan Repayment Program application is scheduled to open in early 2019. Sign up to get an e-mail when it does.
  • 2018 Application and Program Guidance (PDF-580 KB) has detailed information to help you understand the program.

The amount you receive and length of your commitment depends on where you serve—service at sites in higher-need areas yields greater loan repayments). It also depends on whether you select the full-time or half-time option.

Review the 2018 Application and Program Guidance (PDF - 580 KB) for details.

Visit the Health Workforce Connector to determine if your site is an NHSC-approved site.

How It Works

  1. Eligibility
    You Are a Dedicated Primary Care Provider

    Primary care provider holding medical documents image.

    Fully trained and licensed in an eligible discipline:

    • Medicine: MD, DO, NP, CNM, PA
    • Dentistry: DMD, DDS, RDH
    • Mental/Behavioral Health: HSP, LCSW, PNS, MFT, LPC

    See Eligibility for eligible primary care specialties

  2. Service
    You Serve a Community in Need

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    • You find a job at an NHSC-approved site
    • Apply to the NHSC Loan Repayment Program
    • Fulfill your 2-year commitment at your site – with the option to continue your service and receive additional loan repayment
  3. Support
    You Receive Financial, Professional, and Personal Benefits

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    • Pay off all of your student loans with continued service
    • Access educational, training and networking opportunities
    • Join a community of providers with a shared desire to care for underserved patients