While In Training

While you are in training, there are some things you can begin to do to help prepare for the transition into practice. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Start networking. Join health professional organizations so that you can meet and connect with people in your field.

  • Seek out opportunities on the job to be exposed to different populations to help you decide where you may want to work.

  • Utilize NHSC resources. As a member of the NHSC, you are connected to a growing support network, and there is a wide variety of resources (PDF - 520 KB) available to help you.  

  • Learn about the different types of NHSC-approved sites.  There are a wide range of NHSC-approved site types.  Read about life at different types of sites, talk to providers who work there or even volunteer so you can choose a site that will fit your goals and needs.

    • To determine a site’s HPSA score, visit the HPSA Find search engine and insert the practice site’s physical address.

  • Start thinking about the job you want and type of place you want to work. You can visit the Health Workforce Connector that allows you to view current job openings.  This list changes regularly, but can give you an idea of the types of jobs available.