While in School

What to Expect as an NHSC Scholar

When you are selected to receive an NHSC Scholarship, you will receive a Welcome Kit and copy of your signed contract. An NHSC program specialist will also be assigned to you to provide one-on-one assistance, answer your questions and provide you guidance.

You should be sure to save a copy of the Scholarship Application and Program Guidance from the year you applied. It contains information on in-school requirements, postgraduate training, leave of absence, and the service commitment. Review the NHSC New Scholar Orientation Presentation that outlines the program requirements that need to be completed while you are in school and training opportunities, such as clinical rotations, to prepare you for work at an NHSC-approved site.

Things to Think About While In School

While graduation may seem far in the future, it is never too early to begin thinking about where you might want to serve. Check out our at-a-glance tip sheet “Making A Match: Exploring NHSC Site Types” (PDF - 333 KB). While you are in school consider:

  • Exploring rotations or volunteer opportunities at sites or types of sites that interest you so you will know first-hand if those locations would be a fit for you when you transition to service. The NHSC community resources can help you find opportunities in your community.
  • Networking with other NHSC scholars or providers. They can help answer your questions, link you to resources in a different city or state, and even serve as a mentor.
  • Interact with other participants on social media NHSC Social Media

NHSC Scholar Responsibilities

NHSC Scholars should:

1. Notify the NHSC through the customer service portal immediately if any of the following events are anticipated or have occurred:

  • A change of mailing address, telephone number, email, or financial information
  • A change from full-time status to a less than full-time-student status
  • A notification that repeating course work is necessary
  • A change in graduation date
  • A request for a leave of absence
  • A request for school transfer
  • A request for additional years of scholarship support prior to the expiration of the signed contract
  • A voluntary withdrawal or dismissal from school or program
  • An academic suspension

2. Maintain full-time enrollment in the academic program for which the scholarship was awarded, and also maintain good academic standing as defined by the institution’s academic policies. Failure to notify the NHSC SP of a change in your enrollment status or academic standing will adversely impact your scholarship payments and the possibility of recommendation for default.

3. Contact the NHSC SP through the Customer Service Portal prior to entering into your service commitment in order to submit proof of your licensure and certification credentials, and verify the eligibility of a health care facility. Failure to submit the documentation will result in you not receiving credit toward your service commitment. Learn more about transitioning from training to practice.

Scholarship Payments

Your tuition and fees are paid directly to your school. As soon as your NHSC Scholarship support begins, you must remain enrolled in school full-time until you graduate. The NHSC SP does not pay tuition and fees for repeated coursework. If you need to take a leave of absence, it must first be approved by the NHSC.

Funding is limited to 4 years, and funding for any part of a school year counts as one full year. Before taking courses over the summer, for example, check with your NHSC service specialist to be sure you do not jeopardize your full-time scholarship status during a future semester, which would make you ineligible for any scholarship support (tuition and stipend).

Stipend and other reasonable cost payments are deposited directly into your bank account on file. Access the Customer Service Portal to view your payment information.