Spread the Word

5 Ways to Help Spread the Word About the National Health Service Corps

As a valued Corps member, you see the impact the NHSC can have in communities with limited access to health care every day. Help us continue to provide care to those who need it most by educating other health professionals, students, and health care facilities about the NHSC.

1. Share NHSC materials at your site and school. Place the materials in a location where staff and clinicians can easily see and take the materials.

2. Send NHSC materials to your friends, family, and colleagues electronically. Let them know that the NHSC is recruiting new providers and sites. Encourage them to use the materials and to pass them on to others who may be interested.

3. Post information about NHSC opportunities on Facebook, Twitter, your favorite health blogs, and any other social media outlets you use. To make it quick and easy, you can retweet posts from the NHSC Twitter Feed Exit Disclaimer or items that we post on Facebook. Exit Disclaimer

4. Promote the NHSC when speaking to other students or health professionals in your network. Share materials at networking events, circulate them electronically, and direct people to the NHSC Web site: NHSC.hrsa.gov.

5. Keep the NHSC top of mind and spread the word! Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to promote the National Health Service Corps. Talk it up!