Fulfilling Your Service

The NHSC is here to support you as you fulfill your NHSC service commitment.

You will have access to the same resources, and the NHSC will continue to support you, as you fulfill your service commitment at an NHSC site.

While you fulfill your service commitment, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • NHSC Fulfilling your Service Commitment tip sheet (PDF - 308 KB)
  • Understand your service requirements.  Scholars who are in service are required to practice full time at their NHSC-approved site. Full-time clinical practice means working a minimum of 40 hours per week, for at least 45 weeks each service year. For most types of providers (there are some variations by discipline), at least 32 of the minimum 40 hours per week must be spent providing direct patient care or teaching in the outpatient ambulatory care setting at your site. Providers work no fewer than 4 days per week, and no more than 12 hours of work is to be performed in a 24-hour period. Up to 7 weeks (35 work days) of leave is allowed away from your site each year. For more information, review the Application and Program Guidance (PDF - 646 KB).
  • Complete your in service verification.  You must complete an in service verification for each six months of service to verify that you are meeting the terms of service for the program. The in-service verification will be available through the Customer Service Portal on the first day of the month following the end of your six-month verification period.
  • Stay in touch with the NHSC. If your contact information changes, please provide the NHSC with updated information within two weeks of the change. You can make changes to your contact information through the NHSC Customer Service Portal.
  • Think about what comes next.  NHSC scholars are eligible to apply for NHSC loan repayment if they have additional, eligible educational loans. Since you are already employed at an NHSC-site, you’ve met one of the criteria for loan repayment.

Still Have Questions?

Start by reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have questions that are not included, log into your Customer Service Portal account and submit your question to the service team. You can also contact us at 1-800-221-9393. We are happy to help!