Supporting NHSC Providers

Working with Your NHSC Clinical Staff

Your NHSC providers are responsible for meeting NHSC requirements as a result of receiving their scholarship or loan repayment. The Application and Program Guidance provides the details of their commitment.  Sites can assist their NHSC providers in meeting their service commitments by understanding the following guidelines.

  • Patient Care.  All NHSC providers must perform primary care services in an outpatient setting. NHSC providers must work all of their service hours at an NHSC-approved site.
  • Service Sites.  If your facility has satellite clinics or other affiliated sites, each site must be approved by the NHSC to count as a practice site for your NHSC providers. This means you may need to complete additional NHSC site applications if you would like NHSC providers to work at additional site locations.
  • Time Away from Site.  NHSC providers can spend up to 7 weeks (35 workdays) a year away from clinical practice for vacation, holidays, continuing professional education, illness, or any other reason. Absences greater than 7 weeks during a service year will extend the provider’s service commitment. Be sure to inform us if an NHSC provider goes on extended medical leave or exceeds the 35-day allowance. Please support your NHSC providers with funding and arrangements, including clinical coverage, for their time away from the site to attend NHSC-sponsored meetings and other continuing education programs.
  • Six Month Verification.  Every 6 months, your NHSC providers must complete an Employment Verification Form for the program. Please complete your section of the form, as required, to verify that the provider has served at your site.
  • Continuation Contract.  If your NHSC providers wish to continue their service and apply for further loan repayment assistance, they must request a continuation contract 90 days before their service commitment is completed.  They may apply for a continuation through the participant Customer Service Portal.  Discuss this option with your providers in advance.  

Contact us about any changes in NHSC providers’ employment status, including terminations, medical leave, or moving an NHSC provider to a satellite site for any of his or her service hours.