Reporting and Renewal


In-Service Verification.  NHSC-approved sites must verify and report to the NHSC any leave (e.g. annual, sick, holidays, snow days, continuing medical education) taken by NHSC clinicians. Therefore, all site administrators should know the NHSC clinical service requirements as outlined in the NHSC Loan Repayment Program Application and Program Guidance (PDF - 397 KB).  Clinicians are allowed approximately 35 days away from their site per service year with the NHSC.

All verifications are done through the Customer Service Portal. NHSC clinicians first submit the number of days away through their account.  The site administrators then receive a message through the Portal to verify the days away.  If incorrect, the site administrator may reject it and send back to the clinician for corrections. 

NHSC Site Data Tables.  NHSC collects the NHSC Site Data Tables (PDF - 449 KB) from NHSC sites at time of application, recertification, and NHSC site visits.  NHSC recommends collecting and tracking all data in the NHSC Site Data Tables on an ongoing basis in order to be prepared for an NHSC site visit or recertification.  

Please note that Federally Qualified Health Centers receiving funding through the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Bureau of Primary Health Care are not required to submit the Site Data Tables.  In addition, the following site types need only to file the general site information (“Name of Site” through “Total Annual Patient Visits”) and Table 4 (Service Site Staffing):  Federal Bureau of Prison (BOP), nonfederal prison, Indian Health Service (IHS), Section 638, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement sites.


Is my site required to submit an NHSC Site Recertification?  

Log into your Customer Service Portal.  If there is an “Expiration Date” listed under the NHSC Approved Sites section, then your site must recertify. Certain federally funded sites are not required to recertify.  

How do I submit a NHSC Site Recertification?

  1. Log into your Customer Service Portal during the open recertification cycle.
  2. Click on the name of the site for which you would like to submit a recertification (Note: you may submit a recertification for an “Approved” OR “Inactive” site, but not a “Terminated” site).
  3. In the “Need Assistance?” box, under “I need to...” click on “Recertify.”
  4. Start the NHSC Site Recertification Application.

How do I prepare for the NHSC Site Recertification?

  1. Read the NHSC Site Reference Guide (PDF - 915 KB) carefully to ensure your site meets all requirements.
    Persons using assistive technology may not be able to fully access information in this file. For assistance, please call our Customer Care Center at 1-800-221-9393.
  2. Review the NHSC Comprehensive Behavioral Health Services Checklist (PDF - 1.2 MB). It outlines the updated requirements for behavioral health providers and sites, which impact all current and prospective NHSC sites that provide behavioral health services.
  3. Gather all required documents (listed in the Site Reference Guide) . This includes preparing the NHSC Site Data Tables (PDF - 449 KB) for each applying site.
  4. Ensure the site’s discounted/sliding fee schedule meets all requirements, has been updated to the most recent HHS Poverty Guidelines, and is advertised prominently on the site’s website (if one exists) and through posted signage.