Virtual Job Fair - March 2017

The Virtual Job Fair held in March 2017 included 47 sites from 12 states with over 688 total job vacancies in primary care medical, dental, and mental and behavioral health disciplines. Clinicians interested in finding out more about job opportunities at these sites should contact the sites directly.

Contact Information for Participating Sites (PDF - 320 KB)

To learn more about the job opportunities featured during this Virtual Job Fair, check out the NHSC Jobs Center site profiles for participating sites.

Eastern Aleutian Tribes
Norton Sound Health Corporation

Apache Behavioral Health Services, Inc.
Hopi Health Care Center
Chinle Service Unit - Navajo Area Indian Health Service
Kayenta Health Center
Pascua Yaqui Tribe
Phoenix Area
San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corporation
San Carlos Apache Wellness Center
Sage Memorial Hospital Outpatient Services
Tsehootsooi Medical Center  
Tuba City Regional Health Care

California Area Office
Chapa-De Indian Health
Central Valley Indian Health
Indian Health Center of Santa Clara
Lake County Tribal Health
Sonoma County Indian Health Project
Tuolumne MeWuk Indian Health Center
Santa Ynez Tribal Health Clinic

Billings Area Indian Health
Fort Peck Service Unit

North Dakota
Elbowoods Memorial Health Center

New Mexico
Acoma-Canoncito-Laguna Service Unit
Isleta Health Center
Gallup Indian Medical Center
Jicarilla Service Unit
Santa Fe Indian Hospital

Duckwater Health Clinic
Reno-Sparks Tribal Health Center

Anadarko Indian Health
Cherokee Nation Health Services
Clinton Indian Health Center
Lawton Indian Hospital
Pawnee Indian Health Center

Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center
Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center

South Dakota
Great Plains Area
Pine Ridge

Sophie Trettevick Indian Health Center
The NATIVE Project
Tulalip Medical & Dental Clinic
Quileute Health Center

Oneida Community Health Center