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A Day in the Life of NHSC Mental Health
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Ellen Piernot
Chief Medical Officer and Family Physician,
Scholarship Program
Grants, NM
Presbyterian Medical Services
Western New Mexico Medical Group Community Health Center
Grants, NM

Nick Box, Physician Assistant, NHSC Member, LRP, Orofino, Idaho
Clearwater Valley Hospital and Clinics, Orofino, Idaho

Larry Sluiter, NHSC Member, LRP, Onida, SD

Family Oriented Primary Health Care, Mobile, AL
Kelly Crooker, Dentist, NHSC Member, LRP, Mobile, AL

CareSouth Carolina Dental Services, Society Hill, SC
Sean Boynes, Dentist, NHSC Member, LRP, Florence, SC

Everol Ennis, NHSC Member, LRP, Hartford, CT

Danielle Scheer, NHSC Member, LRP, Lincoln, NE

Patrick Carrillo, NHSC Member, LRP, Wenatchee, WA

Hampton Roads Community Health Center, Portsmouth, VA
Firoza Faruqui, Pediatrician, SP, Portsmouth, VA

Unity Health Care’s Anacostia Health Center, Washington, DC
Felicia Hamilton, MD, FACOG, OB/GYN, LRP, SP, Washington, DC

Neighborhood Health Association
Toledo, OH 
Tamara Bumpus, Nurse Practitioner, NHSC Member, LRP, Toledo, OH

Northern Navajo Medical Center
Shiprock, NM

Sara Michaels, MD, MPH, Chief of Family Medicine, NHSC Alum, SP, Shiprock, NM

Bernard Abbott, NHSC Alum, SP, Baltimore, MD

Atasha Sharp, NHSC Member, LRP, Pawtucket, RI

Hillary Homburg, NHSC Member, LRP, Belle, WV

Kevin Mahoney, NHSC Member, LRP, Utica, NY

Emmanuel Isaac, NHSC Member, LRP, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Kay Southern, NHSC Member, LRP, Flint, MI

Kevin Nelson, NHSC Member, LRP, Anderson, MO

Karen Dempsey, NHSC Member, LRP, Louisville, KY

Nancy Mena-Bell, NHSC Member, LRP, Oakland, CA

Pauline Rolle, NHSC Member, LRP, Jacksonville, FL
Jessica Jacobs
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For me, this is a wonderful way to practice medicine.

Jessica Jacobs, M.D. Gouverneur, NY

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