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HUMAN BEHAVIOR INSTITUTE (HBI) was founded in 1990 by Dr. Anis Abi-Karam, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who had a vision to develop a full-service behavioral health organization. HBI started in Las Vegas, Nevada, serving the Southern Nevada communities and from there, Dr. Abi-Karam established a network of mental health providers in the State of Nevada, including those in Reno and outlying areas.  

Alongside HBI’s Provider Network, Dr. Abi-Karam created staff-model clinics in Las Vegas and Reno with a diverse team of highly-qualified multi-disciplinary mental health clinicians.  Both of these staff-model clinics were approved to become National Health Service Corps (NHSC) sites in 2014.  What makes HBI unique is its ability and track record in creating quality improvement programs and specialized clinical services that have proven to be very powerful when added to the more traditional counseling and psychotherapy.  For example, HBI developed the following enhanced services to address the community’s unique psychosocial and psychiatric needs that go beyond the conventional mental health care services.  

Mobile Response Team
HBI’s mobile response team is trusted by major commercial and public sector health plans to provide on-site mental health assessments, assistance with level of care determination, and discharge planning for psychiatric patients admitted in the ER or facilities all over Southern Nevada.  This team consists of doctoral and master level clinicians, on-call 24/7.  HBI’s mobile response team’s average response time is 2 hours, which is less than the acceptable norm of 4 hours.  

Home Enrichment and Rehabilitative Treatment (HEART™) Program
Initially created to provide rehabilitative services with emphasis on family preservation and on children, parents, and guardians in a foster care and transitional setting, HBI further developed this program to keep up with the constantly evolving need of the community for enhanced mental health services.  Nowadays, HEART™ Clinicians provide home and community based assessments that evaluate clients’ environmental obstacles that may impede their ability to comply with their treatment, to facilitate a better clinical understanding of these obstacles, and help the clients adjust better to their living situations.  

Provider Retention Plan
As a result of HBI’s clinical recruitment and retention plan, the average tenure among HBI staff clinicians is more than 5 years and some have been with HBI for more than 10 years.  Many clinicians initially join HBI as interns.  They gain essential experience and obtain full licensure in their respective discipline.  Some have left HBI to build their own practices and others return afterwards.  Aside from valuable clinical experience, HBI clinicians acquire practical knowledge and understanding of how managed care works.  HBI has a proven track record of helping practitioners launch their private practices and supplying them with a reliable referral source through the HBI Network to grow their business.  

HUMAN BEHAVIOR INSTITUTE (HBI) is certainly a unique mental and behavioral health NHSC site that offers it clinicians many ways to care for patients beyond the traditional mental health service model.  It is truly an exciting place to work, and it hopes to attract many NHSC clinicians to its recently approved NHSC sites.