Member Stories

Human Behavior Institute Las Vegas, NV

HBI Image

HUMAN BEHAVIOR INSTITUTE (HBI) was founded in 1990 by Dr. Anis Abi-Karam, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who had a vision to develop a full-service behavioral health organization.

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Jasser Khairallah Kirksville, MO

Jasser Khairallah Image

This is why I wake up early and go to sleep late, to make a positive impact in my patients’ health

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Manda Smith, Loan Repayment Program Alum Choctaw, MS

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You can feel the connection with your patients; you can see a light turn on in their eyes. It is like they are being heard for the first time.

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Brian Freeman, Students to Service Awardee Fairfax, VA

Brian Freeman

I want to be a doctor that patients can trust and know I will give them the best advice I can. I want to be their health coach that guides them through any challenge that may arise.

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Drs. Arthur and Suzanne Fournier New Orleans, LA

Arthur and Suzanne Fournier

The more respect and understanding you show for each patient, the more likely they are to follow your suggestions and keep coming back for care

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Courtney Levine Kenosha, WI

Courtney Levine

The majority are established patients, and many I’ve now seen for over three years

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James Pecard Chicago, IL

James Pecard Image

Every day there is one person whose life I really feel I helped change.

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Jaclyn Greising Philadelphia, PA

Jaclyn Greising

I soon discovered I could learn as much from my patients as they could from me.

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Rishi Manchanda, MD Los Angeles, CA

Rishi Manchanda Image

Regardless of where we live and who we are; health is shaped by where we live, work, and play.

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Nicholas Box, Physician Assistant Orofino, ID

Nicholas Box

I'm looking forward to being able to really see how my younger patients do in the future

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Mary Gainer Rowlesburg and Newburg, WV

Mary Gainer Image

A family doctor remains the most comprehensive way to care for communities

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Maida Mascorro Roma, TX

Maida Mascorro Image

The loan repayment offered through the Corps is such a blessing to me

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One World Community Center Omaha, NE

One World Community Center

It’s a great way to expose students to what work is like at OneWorld

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Maritza Alvarado, MD Syracuse, NY

Maritza Alvarado

My experience with the Corps opened many doors for me.

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Jacquetta Woods, Physician Assistant Fayetteville, NC

Jacquetta Woods

I love working with teens … I can really connect with them.

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David Cutsforth, M.D. and David Grube, M.D. Philomath, Oregon

David's Image

I would never want to leave a place where I am very close to my patients

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Presbyterian Medical Services NHSC Site, NM

Image of Presbyterian Medical Services

1,100 employees working in almost 100 programs in 38 communities

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Sara Back, FNP, MPH New York, NY

Sara Back

Coming from the public health field, I developed a strong sense of giving back. The mentor/mentee relationship turns out to be beneficial for everybody. I feel that you just have to give back!

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Christin Donnelly, Students to Service Awardee Baltimore, MD

Christin Donnelly Image

I considered specializing briefly, but I was drawn to family medicine because it encompasses everything. As a family practitioner, I will have the opportunity to treat the whole patient – not just one aspect of their health.

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Stephen Pasquini, Physican Assistant Greenfield, CA

Image of Stephen Pasquini with baby on his back standing on the beach

I knew it was something I wanted to do.

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Heather Kovich, M.D. Shiprock, NM

Image of Heather Kovich

My relationship with my patients is…rewarding to me.

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Kristen Frank, MD Kodiak, AK

Image of Kristen Frank, snow in the background

When I learned about the NHSC, it was a natural fit.

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Katherine Culp, D.M.D. Gadsden, AL

Image of Katharine Culp

It is a perfect match for me.

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Heather Reynolds, MSN, CNM, FACNM New Haven, CT

Image of Heather Reynolds

The NHSC made my dream a reality.

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Darryl S. Salvador, PsyD Honolulu, HI

Image of Darryl S. Salvador

The National Health Service Corps has been a wonderful part of my life.

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Dereck Davis, M.D. Vicksburg, MS

Image Dereck Davis looking at a computer monitor with a nurse

I knew a career helping those in need was for me.

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Alicia Taylor, Licensed Clinical Psychologist Hopkinsville, KY

Image of Alicia Taylor and a man smiling

Being an NHSC member…has been a life changing experience for me.

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Rita Meadows, Family Nurse Practitioner Sussex County, DE

Image of Rita Meadows in a white lab coat

Being creative and knowledgeable of the resources available for diabetic patients is essential.

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Fabian Valle Aurora, CO

Image Fabian Valle

A colleague told me about the NHSC Ambassador Program.

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Shana Kaplan, Nurse Practitioner La Follette, TN

Image of Shana Kaplan

I’ve felt a passion for health care for as long as I can remember.

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Jessica Jacobs, M.D. Gouverneur, NY

Jessica Jacobs

For me, this is a wonderful way to practice medicine.

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