40 Clinicians Stories

Stories from the Field. 40 Clinicians in 40 Days

Week Forty

Kelly Love, Psychologist Lincoln, Nebraska

Kelly Love

The internship was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about adult psychopathology.

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Week Thirty Nine

J.B. Allen, Physician Assistant Eureka, Nevada

J.B. Allen Image

The friendships and thank you's make the job worth it.

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Week Thirty Eight

Catherine Hier, Licensed Professional Counselor Littleton, New Hampshire

catherine hier

I was amazed at the opportunities offered by the NHSC and wondered why I had never heard of the program before

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Week Thirty Seven

Bessie Burk, Family Nurse Practitioner Casa Grande, Arizona

Bessie Burk Image

Making sure that I gave back to my community was just how I was raised

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Week Thirty Six

Sean Boynes, Dentist Florence, South Carolina

Sean Boynes Image

I’m needed. And the rewards are bountiful.

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Week Thirty Five

Justin Clark, Students to Service Awardee Gainesville, Florida

Justin Clark

I chose to attend Meharry because their mission is serving the underserved

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Week Thirty Four

Dagoberto Heredia, Psychiatrist Onaga, Kansas

Dagoberto Heredia Image

I enjoy what I am doing so much, and feel blessed and fortunate to be able to do the work I’m doing.

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Week Thirty Three

Emmanuel Isaac, Family Practice Physician West Park, Florida

Emmanuel Isaac Image

I am very grateful that I can work with this community.

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Week Thirty Two

Rita Meadows, Family Practice Nurse Sussex County, Delaware

Rita Meadows Image

Being creative and knowledgeable of the resources available for diabetic patients is essential.

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Week Thirty One

Beverly Rivard, MAC, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Sitka, Alaska

Image of Beverly Rivard

In Alaska, there is a large population of Native Alaskans. There is also a high need for health care providers in this community. It was a perfect fit for me!

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Week Thirty

Christin Donnelly, Student to Service Awardee Baltimore, Maryland

Christin Donnelly Image

The opportunity to do hands-on work within underserved communities allowed me to see the kind of difference I could make.

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Week Twenty Nine

Roberto Beltran, Nurse Practitioner Dorchester, Massachusetts

Roberto Beltran Image

Getting to know patients and what their life is like allows you to treat them better.

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Week Twenty Eight

Matthew Pflieger, Family Practice Physician Denver, Colorado

Matthew Pflieger Image

My family physician was my source of inspiration to pursue a career in medicine and help patients who struggle against barriers to health care

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Week Twenty Seven

Elizabeth Murray, Physician Assistant Chicago, Illinois

Elizabeth Murray Image

I have the opportunity to live and work with this community, and I am so grateful I can afford to stay.

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Week Twenty Six

Silma Martinez, Pediatrician Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

Silma Martinez Image

In Puerto Rico, family is everything. I take care of whole families – brothers and sisters, cousins, even extended families. It’s great!

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Week Twenty Five

Carlene Taylor, Licensed Counselor St. Mary's, Georgia

Carlene Taylor Image

My reward comes from watching my patients graduate from my therapy and no longer need me.

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Week Twenty Four

Tinka Barnes, Family Practice Physician Kansas City, Missouri

Tinka Barnes Image

Just because it is a community clinic does not mean that that you get sub-par service.

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Week Twenty Three

Ryan Smith, Physician Assistant Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Ryan Smith Image

We practice hope and reassurance first and medicine second.

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Week Twenty Two

Pauline Rolle, Pediatrician Jacksonville, Florida

Pauline Rolle Image

It’s easy to go and make a lot of money. It’s a lot more difficult to make an impact on someone’s life.

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Week Twenty One

Amy Henke, Clinical Psychologist New Orleans, Louisiana

Amy Henke Image

The release in their eyes when I tell them that it will, ultimately, be ok is validation for the work that I do.

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Week Twenty

Will Samson, Dentist Havre, MT

40 Clinicians image of Will Samson

I see the same patients time and time again, which allows me to foster strong, trusting relationships.

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Week Ninteen

Susan Martin, Psychiatric Nurse Practioner Lewiston, ME

40 Clinicians image of Susan Martin

Serving the underserved is rewarding.

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Week Eighteen

Patrick Carrillo, Health Service Psychologist Wenatchee, WA

40 Clinicians image of Patrick Carrillo

Having bilingual staff really makes all the difference in the world for all of the clients that we see.

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Week Seventeen

Emem Ekpenyong, Physician Assistant Fillmore, CA

40 Clinicians image of Emem Ekpenyong

I love the community I serve.

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Week Sixteen

Janeice Wooten, Dentist Saginaw, MI

40 Clinicians image of Janeice Wooten

It means a lot to me to talk to the teenagers and younger children and ask them what they want to be when they grow up.

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Week Fourteen

Firoza Faruqui, Pediatrician Portsmouth, VA

40 Clinicians image of Firoza Faruqui

Every day brings more stories and experiences than I could ever imagine.

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Week Thirteen

Doede Donaugh, Family Practice The Big Island, HI

40 Clinicians image of Doede Donaugh

I’ve built a trust with my patients...I’m here to help their health in whatever way I can.

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Week Twelve

Joel Hunt, Physician Assistant Salt Lake City, UT

40 Clinicians image of Joel Hunt

The NHSC has given me the tools to take my passion for reaching those who are most vulnerable and turn it into my job.

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Week Eleven

Hillary Homburg, DDS Dawes, WV

40 Clinicians image of Hillary Homburg

I feel fortunate that I can make a difference each day.

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Week Ten

Everol M. Ennis, Nurse Practitioner Hartford, CT

40 Clinicians image of Everol Ennis

I take the most pride in seeing patients looking and feeling better.

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Week Nine

Kevin Mahoney, P.A. Utica, NY

Kevin Mahoney

One of the biggest thrills…is seeing people get better.

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Week Eight

Susan Mix, Family Nurse Practitioner White City, OR

Susan Mix

I can point to the difference I am making.

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Week Seven

Darryl L. Adams, MSN, APN-BC Altamont, TN

I never considered rural work, but after taking this job I fell in love with it.

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Week Six

Ashley Landers, Marriage and Family Therapist Buffalo, MN

Ashley Landers

I have the opportunity to provide healing to families that have been torn apart by abuse, mental illness, and substance abuse.

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Week Five

Sarah Baker, Family Nurse Practitioner McClusky, ND

Do what you love and love what you do.

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Week Four

Jamie Bell, Family Practice Physician Birmingham, AL

Jamie Bell

I have the opportunity to work on all types of conditions, with people from all walks of life. 

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Week Three

Kim Espinoza, D.D.S. Albuquerque, NM

Kim Espinoza

I’ve always had an interest in public health and wanted to remain in the southwest.

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Week Two

Tommie Stanberry, Physician Assistant Tishomingo, OK

Member Stories Tommie Stanberry

This clinic is needed to treat those who have nowhere else to turn.

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Week One

Jonathan Leggett, Psychologist Cayuga, IN

Jonathan Leggett

I feel like I’m having a much broader impact and I am more connected than I was in previous experiences.

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