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NHSC 50th Anniversary Toolkit

On this page: Check out these shareable resources that you can use to promote the NHSC 50th Anniversary, including:

Newsletter and Web Content

Use this content to create tailored messages that allow you to share these opportunities with your members. 

How to use: Copy and paste into your email newsletters, or add to your web pages.

National Health Service Corps Celebration Continues

The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) has been celebrating 50 years of service this year, and you’re still invited to this yearlong commemoration of the work you’ve done and the impact you’ve had on the nation. Since 1972, the NHSC has connected more than 66,000 primary care providers to millions of people in underserved communities.

Today, nearly 20,000 participants serve almost 21 million Americans in rural, tribal, and urban areas across the nation. That figure includes the more than 2,500 health professional students in the pipeline, in residency or school, preparing to serve. The Corps is also honoring the 19,000 NHSC-approved sites that provide quality health care settings where our providers serve communities in need.

Join other NHSC clinicians, sites and supporters in thanking, celebrating, and highlighting the service that these dedicated clinicians and health centers have provided all over the country or share your own NHSC story.

Share Now

To help celebrate, visit the NHSC 50th Anniversary website. There you can find out how to share a photo, video, or anecdote (PDF - 6 MB) about how the NHSC has impacted you, your site or organization, learn more about the NHSC anniversary activities, and sign up for updates.

You can also share your story and images by commenting on posts that use the hashtag #IAmNHSC or #NHSC50 on the following social media pages: NHSC on Facebook, NHSC on LinkedIn, and @NHSCorps onTwitter.

Social Media Posts

Post these messages to your social media accounts to help increase awareness about the NHSC and its programs to all your followers. You can also retweet or share any of the posts from our social media accounts.

How to use:

  1. Copy and paste these posts to your social media channels. 
  2. Edit the posts to tailor the messages as needed for your platforms and audience. 
  3. Tag our social media accounts:
  4.  Include one of the shareable social media graphics.

Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram Content

  • Show off your pride for 50 years of NHSC service. Post a photo using #IAmNHSC and #NHSC50 with a comment on social media about your NHSC connection. You could be featured in NHSC's ongoing anniversary activities!

Twitter Content

  • We’re celebrating 50 years of #service thanks to you. Tell us how the @NHSCorps has impacted you. Share a selfie using #IAmNHSC or #NHSC50 in celebration!

Social Media Shareable Graphics

How to use: Save the image file (JPG) to your computer. Then use the images in presentations, post to social media, or send in an email.


How to use: Copy the video URL and use it in emails, webpages, or social media posts. You can also copy the embedded code and place the video on your website.


We’ve created slides you can use to add information about the NHSC’s 50th Anniversary to your presentations. Share with health professionals, health center administrators, and any other stakeholders.

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