Member Stories

Courtney Levine Kenosha, WI

Courtney Levine

The majority are established patients, and many I’ve now seen for over three years

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Jaclyn Greising Philadelphia, PA

Jaclyn Greising

I soon discovered I could learn as much from my patients as they could from me.

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Rishi Manchanda, MD Los Angeles, CA

Rishi Manchanda Image

Regardless of where we live and who we are; health is shaped by where we live, work, and play.

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Nicholas Box, Physician Assistant Orofino, ID

Nicholas Box

I'm looking forward to being able to really see how my younger patients do in the future

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Mary Gainer Rowlesburg and Newburg, WV

Mary Gainer Image

A family doctor remains the most comprehensive way to care for communities

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Maida Mascorro Roma, TX

Maida Mascorro Image

The loan repayment offered through the Corps is such a blessing to me

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One World Community Center Omaha, NE

One World Community Center

It’s a great way to expose students to what work is like at OneWorld

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Maritza Alvarado, MD Syracuse, NY

Maritza Alvarado

My experience with the Corps opened many doors for me.

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Jacquetta Woods, Physician Assistant Fayetteville, NC

Jacquetta Woods

I love working with teens … I can really connect with them.

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David Cutsforth, M.D. and David Grube, M.D. Philomath, Oregon

David's Image

I would never want to leave a place where I am very close to my patients

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Presbyterian Medical Services NHSC Site, NM

Image of Presbyterian Medical Services

1,100 employees working in almost 100 programs in 38 communities

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Sara Back, FNP, MPH New York, NY

Sara Back

Coming from the public health field, I developed a strong sense of giving back. The mentor/mentee relationship turns out to be beneficial for everybody. I feel that you just have to give back!

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Justin Clark , Students to Service Awardee Gainesville, FL

Justin Clark Image

I knew I wanted to do family medicine and work with the underserved, so it wasn’t a hard choice to decide to apply.

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Christin Donnelly, Students to Service Awardee Baltimore, MD

Christin Donnelly Image

I considered specializing briefly, but I was drawn to family medicine because it encompasses everything. As a family practitioner, I will have the opportunity to treat the whole patient – not just one aspect of their health.

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Kate DiPasquale Richmond, VA

Kate Dipasaquale

The S2S program provided a way to further my professional goals and make my dream of helping the underserved a reality.

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Stephen Pasquini, Physican Assistant Greenfield, CA

Image of Stephen Pasquini with baby on his back standing on the beach

I knew it was something I wanted to do.

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Heather Kovich, M.D. Shiprock, NM

Image of Heather Kovich

My relationship with my patients is…rewarding to me.

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Kristen Frank, MD Kodiak, AK

Image of Kristen Frank, snow in the background

When I learned about the NHSC, it was a natural fit.

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Katherine Culp, D.M.D. Gadsden, AL

Image of Katharine Culp

It is a perfect match for me.

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Heather Reynolds, MSN, CNM, FACNM New Haven, CT

Image of Heather Reynolds

The NHSC made my dream a reality.

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Darryl S. Salvador, PsyD Honolulu, HI

Image of Darryl S. Salvador

The National Health Service Corps has been a wonderful part of my life.

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Dereck Davis, M.D. Vicksburg, MS

Image Dereck Davis looking at a computer monitor with a nurse

I knew a career helping those in need was for me.

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Alicia Taylor, Licensed Clinical Psychologist Hopkinsville, KY

Image of Alicia Taylor and a man smiling

Being an NHSC member…has been a life changing experience for me.

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Rita Meadows, Family Nurse Practitioner Sussex County, DE

Image of Rita Meadows in a white lab coat

Being creative and knowledgeable of the resources available for diabetic patients is essential.

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Fabian Valle Aurora, CO

Image Fabian Valle

A colleague told me about the NHSC Ambassador Program.

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Shana Kaplan, Nurse Practitioner La Follette, TN

Image of Shana Kaplan

I’ve felt a passion for health care for as long as I can remember.

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Jessica Jacobs, M.D. Gouverneur, NY

Jessica Jacobs

For me, this is a wonderful way to practice medicine.

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