NHSC Ambassadors are dedicated volunteers who help educate and inform prospective National Health Service Corps members.

They give their time and talents to spread the word about the opportunities available through the NHSC and serve as a local resource for current NHSC members.

How It Works

  1. slide awareness

    You spread the word about the NHSC

    A smiling nurse with her arm around another nurse image.

    • Tell people about your role
    • Talk about the Corps
  2. Recruit Slide

    You increase the applicant pool

    A man in a red and white checkered shirt image.

    • Serve as a resource
    • Support the application process
    • Connect to potential jobs
  3. Train & Mentor

    You guide students and young providers

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    • Enhance classroom training
    • Create hands-on learning experiences
    • Serve as a mentor
Ambassador Responsibilities
Participate in “Ambassador 101” Conference Calls: Are you a new Ambassador or interested in becoming an Ambassador? Every month we have an Ambassador 101 teleconference. E-mail for dial-in information.
Day Time
Wednesday, August 10, 2016 4pm to 5pm ET
Tuesday, November 08, 2016 5pm to 6pm ET


Join Ambassador Training Webinars:

Preparing for Your Corps Community Day Event, Tuesday, July 26, 4pm ET.

How to Give an NHSC 101 Presentation, Monday, August 22, 3pm ET.

Introduction to Health Professional Shortage Areas, Thursday, September 29, 3pm ET.

Understanding the NHSC Jobs Center, Thursday, November 10, 3pm ET.

NHSC Loan Repayment Program 101, Monday, December 12, 4pm ET.


Plan Activities or give an NHSC 101 Presentation (PPT - 4.1 MB). Be sure to plan an event in celebration of Corps Community Day, which happens every year during National Primary Care Week in October. If you’re planning an event that the NHSC can help you promote via the NHSC’s Facebook and Twitter, email

Share Application Dates using the 2016 Application Bulletin (PDF - 155 KB) to find out when NHSC and NURSE Corps scholarship and loan repayment program applications are scheduled to open.

Provide Your Contact Information through the Ambassador Portal.

Print and Distribute Fact Sheets or order printed copies (please email the form to and allow 10 to 14 days for delivery.)

Print and Display this NHSC Poster (PDF - 658 KB) to let students, colleagues and others know you’re an NHSC Ambassador. Print on 8.5 x 14" - legal size paper.

Put a badge on your website or social media.

Share Videos from the NHSC Playlist.

Setting up an NHSC display table? Print these conversation starters to attract passersby.

Download NHSC shareable graphics to promote our programs and members on your social media.